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Innova Disc Golf

Publisher:GT Interactive / WizardWorks


According to WizardWorks, "Innova Disc Golf is the world's first interactive simulation of the sport that's sweeping the country".

Instead of golf clubs and golf balls you throw discs around a course trying to get them into the basket, with the aim being to get as low a score as possible. Each hole is a par 3 and there are four different 18-hole courses to choose from.

Similar to other golf games, where you would select a certain club for a certain shot, there are 11 different discs available. Each disc has its own characteristics, some are designed for longer shots, some for close range, others have left or right hand curve features. Success means being able to choose the right disc for the shot and judging your throw.

The game can be be played by up to 14 players at the same time over a network or on the same computer and you can customize several characteristics of your disc golfer including their name, gender, skill and whether they are left or right handed The game keeps track of numerous stats through each round including longest shot, best scores and much more. The game also features a single player mode and a pro season which allows you to play through two rounds on each of the four courses in a competition-like manner.

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