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US Trader's Sports Cream Improves
Competitor's Performance And Scoring Ability.

US Trader's, Pro's Advantage sports cream can cause the joints, connective tissue and muscles to become more flexible and pain free, giving the competitor an unrestricted range of motion, quicker movement, smoother follow through and reduces the chance of injury. Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D. in her book, Pain Free In Six Weeks, talks about an all-natural product that does in fact quickly stop pain, inflammation, joint stiffness and related problems. U S Trader determined that there was a need to develop a sports product after interviewing several Sports Doctors, Therapists, Trainers and individuals who are actively involved various sports activities and they all agreed that what was needed was a product that would quickly relief pain, increase flexibility and help prevent sports related injuries

U S Trader created a cream that can be used by all type sports competitors and trainers and it includes the product that Dr. Sherry Roger's, M.D. refers to in her book, Cetyl Myristoleate, a natural fatty acid that allows the joints of the body to move more fluidly and smoothly with several other well-known herbs with years of history known for improving joint injury, pain relief and flexibility, were combined with MSM a natural ingredient that helps the product penetrate through the skin to where it is needed. When all of these ingredients were formulated, the product Pro's Advantage flex-cream was born and it appears to meet everyone's needs and does it quickly.

Pro's Advantage flex-cream was formulated for all competitive sports giving positive results for all individuals that have used it but the most indisputable proof of this sports flex-cream's ability to fulfill the claims of increasing flexibility, fluidity and reliving pain all very quickly is in the field of horse competition. Yes, the horse riders use the sports cream also but most impressive is the fact that the horses themselves respond to the cream! Trainers for Dressage competition apply the cream to the horse's leg muscles and joints and anywhere else swelling might have occurred caused from overuse or injury. The horses respond to the cream very quickly, usually the joint swelling decreases in as little as ten minutes. Suggested use for Pro's Advantage flex-cream, apply to joints and muscles before warm up, stretching and competition.

Receive free samples of Pro's Advantage Cream, send address to