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Contact Lenses Could Boost Your Performance!


You've put in the extra training and effort but your sports performance still isn't on top form - new survey results from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care reveal that there's one thing you may have overlooked – your eyewear! If like 60%** of the population your eyesight is less than perfect, trying contact lenses for sport may just give you the edge over the competition.

  • 90% of people questioned in the European survey* believed that contact lenses gave them much clearer vision when playing sport, as well as offering ultimate comfort and practicality.

  • In the UK, results show that more than 60% of those who wear ACUVUE contact lenses for sport feel that lenses have actually improved their performance.

  • Contact lenses have also proved popular amongst top performing sports men and women. Research conducted among contact lens wearers during the Summer Olympics in Barcelona revealed that the athletes had a preference for soft contact lenses like those in the ACUVUE range.


  • It has certainly proved a success for a number of famous sports personalities including Darren Anderton of Tottenham Hotspur and Taunton cricketer Keith Parsons, who both wear ACUVUE contact lenses. Golf champion Sofia Gronberg Whitmore - twice winner on the Ladies European golf tour in 1999 - is convinced her contact lenses have contributed significantly to her recent return to top form. Sofia has been wearing ACUVUE lenses since early 1998.

Contact lenses provide natural, panoramic vision without any obstruction to your field of view. If you're a competitive sports person, this can really give you the edge over your opponents who may themselves have less than perfect vision.

There are some real advantages to wearing contact lenses for sport - the main one being practicality. In the UK, 40% of respondents surveyed* chose contact lenses after becoming irritated by their glasses falling off whilst playing sport. Contact lenses also provide a lateral field of vision, better space perception and distance evaluation (37% in the UK* said they could actually see better with lenses) - all of which are essential for team sports. 74% in the UK* found that contact lenses enabled them to participate in more physical contact sports such as rugby. ‘Freedom' was how 90% of respondents* across Europe described the feeling provided by contact lenses when playing sport.

For sports where specialist protective helmets or goggles are necessary such as fencing, skiing and snowboarding - contact lenses are ideal. Winter sports particularly require perfect co-ordination between the eye and body as the eyes must make trajectory corrections in seconds – soft contact lenses allow visual reactions to be as rapid as possible. The ACUVUE range of contact lenses also has the added benefit of UV filters, which protect the cornea from harmful UVA and UVB rays – although you do still need to wear sunglasses for added protection if you're in the sun for any length of time.

So if you're feeling something is holding back your sports ability – then the ACUVUE range of contact lenses could be just the performance booster you're looking for!