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Met Office WTHR4 YOU

Six-hour, localised, text weather forecasts direct to your mobile


A brand new service is launched today for sportsmen and women who want a quick and simple way to gain immediate access to what the weather has in store over the next six hours.

The Met Office service for Vodafone UK and BT Cellnet users now means that it’s incredibly easy to download a personalised weather forecast direct to your mobile phone.

Users can receive a weather forecast for a specific location in the UK by entering a simple code when sending a text message. Simply type in WTHR4, then a space, followed by a UK postcode, city, town or village name, then send the message to Vodafone UK (on 8638) or BT Cellnet (on 2638).

Within a few minutes you’ll receive a six-hour weather forecast summary, with hour-by-hour detail, for the exact location you requested; for example, BRACKNELL 27/09/01: 10am- bright dry, 11am-showers, 12pm- showers, 1pm – bright dry, 2pm – bright dry; 16 to 17;Breezy

The service costs from just 25p* a message and is added to your monthly phone bill or debited direct from your airtime voucher.

This service on Vodafone UK and BT Cellnet comes hot on the heels of the Met Office’s Time and Place pre-paid service launched last year with great success — winner of the 'Most Innovative Service — Mobile Internet’ award at the highly acclaimed Mobile News industry event.

The pre-paid Time and Place service allows postcode resolution forecasts, which are updated hourly and to a 5km radius, via SMS text messaging or WAP on all networks. However, the new service on Vodafone UK and BT Cellnet makes payment automatic, so there’s no need to register and pre-pay.

Steve Copley from the Met Office, says: "This service will be welcomed by everyone who is at the mercy of the UK’s changeable weather, especially those who are planning an event, taking a day trip, or even thinking of leaving the washing out."

For more information go to www.metoffice.com or call the Customer Centre on 0845 300 0300.

*The service costs 25p on BTCellnet and 30p per message on Vodafone, excluding VAT.