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Swing Speed Meter


The speed of the swing is one of the most important things that can influence the length and consistency of a golfer's drive. The Swing Speed Meter gives you accurate results enabling you to make instant adjustments in the fine-tuning of your stroke to achieve the ultimate swing.

There are basic fundamentals to the golf swing that must be achieved and one of the most important is the consistency with which you swing. But without accurate measurement of your attempts, it is all guesswork.

This is where the Swing Speed Meter comes in. Just place the meter on the ground 200 (8 inches) behind the ball, press "reset" and take your shot. the meter measures the speed of the club that is then displayed in mph or kph.

The Swing Speed Meter has been developed by Golfspeed, a small engineering team in Dorset, england. It works by calculating the speed as the stroke passes two light tubes (50 mm apart) in the front of the unit.

The Swing Speed Meter retails at £49.99 and is available from www.golfspeed.net